About Presidents Summit

During the past decade Presidents Summit has hosted more than 20 conferences in Northern Europe. We strive to create exceptional summits that deliver actionable insights, promote peer-to-peer learning and provide an opportunity to grow a global network.

Tuesday, 8am-7.30pm
November 5, 2019

Copenhagen, Denmark

Speakers this year

Many more to be announced in the coming weeks
Jeff Gravenhorst

Jeff Gravenhorst

CEO of ISS and the 4th largest employer - "Leading Change in a global organisation"
Mai-Britt Poulsen

Mai-Britt Poulsen

Global Chief of Staff of Boston Consulting Group - "Fireside with Rich Lesser on Winning the Twenties"

David Roche

David Roche

President and Global Strategist at Indpendent Strategy - "Populism, Autocracy, Productivity & Power"

Our Past Speakers

Explore a few of our more than 125 past speaker

Why Attend?

Actionable insights, inspiration and a global network

Actionable insights mean delivering impactful content and knowledge. Whether coming from top speakers, thoughtful conversations or relevant interviews, we strive to equip you with ideas and knowledge that can add value to your organization tomorrow.

Inspiration is a cornerstone of Presidents Summit. Business leaders rarely find time to expose themselves to the newest and most impactful ideas and speakers. Presidents Summit gathers the top thought leaders offering their insights on doing business in the 21st century.

A strong and global network is an essential part of Presidents Summit. It enables you to expand your connections across borders and simultaneously brings new perspectives that will challenge your way of thinking positively.

Where Business Leaders Meet

Bringing 2000 leaders from more than 10 countries to Copenhagen

Presidents Summit is a forum for ambitious business leaders to meet. More than 2000 business leaders from more than ten countries across Scandinavia and Europe join our conference each year. Presidents Summit aspires to create a community in which leaders can meet, grow and develop professionally and personally.

In addition to structuring networking in industries and national groups, we partner with Brella to ensure a structured approach to connecting leaders. With the Brella networking app, we have made it easy to view, connect and book short meetings with the other attendees at Presidents Summit

Other Reasons To Attend

Business Development
Presidents Summit is a platform to connect and grow the client base of your business. With 2000 attendees ranging across industries and nationalities, there are plenty of opportunities to meet your next client.

Peer-to-peer learning
We believe the most exciting ideas come from interactions between people. As a result, we always strive to promote an environment the can spark conversation between industry leaders.

Client Relations
Bring your important clients along for a day of networking and create rapport outside the office. With excellent networking facilities and top speakers, Presidents Summit is a chance to strengthen your client relationship.