Alexander Osterwalder

Meet the founder of the world famous Business Model Canvas and holder of Thinkers50 Strategy Award


How do you build your company to be invincible?
Alexander Osterwalder give you the tools and processes needed for a world class business strategy. Be sure not to miss this!


Alexander Osterwalder obtained his PhD in Management Information Systems at the university of Lausanne in 2004. Since then, he has excelled as a leading author, entrepreneur, and in-demand speaker.

Since 1999, he has been founding successful companies. was his first and focussed on providing education in online trading, investments, and research. Now, his company, Strategyzer, helps leading companies around the world create new growth. To do so, he applies an innovative approach to strategy, the ‘Business Model Canvas’ – an idea he developed himself.

He authored several international bestsellers among others ‘Business Model Generation’ and the very popular follow-up ‘Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design’.

With the invention of the Business Model Canvas, he has changed the way established companies do business and how new ventures get started.


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