Anil Seth

World’s #1 Expert on the Science of Consciousness & How You Perceive the World


Understanding consciousness is one of the greatest challenges for 21st Century science. How does the wetware inside our skull give rise to the rich inner universe of ‘being you’? Anil’s mission is to explain how consciousness happens – and to use these insights to better the science of medicine, technology, and society. 

Join this session to get a first row seat into how our minds capture the world, understand why we don’t perceive the world objectively, and get a better understanding of what ‘being you’ actually means. 


Anil Seth is a Professor of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience at the University of Sussex, where he is also the co-director of the world’s leading research centre on consciousness. 

His most recent book, ‘Being You: A New Science of Consciousness’, is a Sunday Times’ Bestseller and highly renowned for its ability to communicate a complex subject in a simple way. It charts the developments in our understanding of consciousness, revealing radical breakthroughs that must transform the way we think about the self. Building on his own research, as well as that of likeminded, he puts forward an exhilarating new theory about how we experience the world that should encourage us to view ourselves in a whole new way. 

His 2017 TED main stage keynote has more than 12 million views and is one of TED’s most popular science talks. Anil has received the Clarivate Highly Cited Researcher Award (2019, 2020), which recognizes the top 1% of researchers by field for their sustained impact on the world. 


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November 8-9th 2021, Copenhagen