Colin O'Brady

10x World Record Holding Explorer and New York Times Bestselling Author


Have you ever suffered a setback that seemed insurmountable? Or set yourself goals so high that it left people questioning your sanity? So has Colin O’Brady. When he was 23 years old, he got severely burned in a fire and told he would never walk again. Rather than giving up though, he set himself goals. 18 months later, he won a triathlon and today he holds 10 of the world’s most extreme exploring records. 


Despite his unmatched athletic accomplishments, Colin O’Brady is not your typical athlete. While he has achieved 10 world records as well as multiple world firsts, he should be thought of more as an explorer of the human potential. 

Colin’s story provides a raw, inspirational, though provoking journey deep into the mind – set to backdrop of some of the earth’s most extreme, uninhabitable places including Mt. Everest and Antartica. He ventured there to uncover what is possible and unlock the potential within all of us. 

He was the first person to cross Antartica solo, unsupported, and completely human-powered. He documented this journey in his bestselling book, ‘The Impossible First’, which is considered one of the best books on mindset. His Ted Talk, ‘Change Your Mindset to Achieve Anything’, has been seen more than 2.6m times. 

Colin has been featured on leading media platforms including The Today Show, The Tonight Show, Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, the New York Times, CBS Sunday Morning,  CNN, Business Insider, Forbes, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, People, Esquire, among many other global outlets. 


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