George Yip

World’s #1 Expert on Organisational Intelligence & China’s Rise from Imitator to Innovator


To leapfrog competition and be innovative, it is often required to take calculated bets and encourage transformation. The Thinkers50 Hall of Fame member has dedicated his career to studying successful companies and identifying what has enabled them to develop traditions for transformation. 

This led George Yip to coining a new term: Organisational Intelligence. This is defined as a leaders ability to motivate and organise an organisation of thousands of employees to embrace and implement a change strategy.


George Yip is a professor emeritus at Imperial College in London, a renowned expert on the rise of China, and an exclusive member of the Thinkers50 Hall of Fame. 

He started out his career as a graduate student in Michael Porter’s strategy department at Harvard Business School. Here, he conducted research alongside him on China’s growth from imitator to innovator and how the influence of the ‘sleeping giant’ will develop in the future. 

He went on to conduct research of his own. In particular, he has focused on what makes radical change difficult and why companies are often stuck in continuity and incremental innovation. Recently, this led him to co-authoring a highly-renowned paper on ‘Organisational Intelligence’ alongside Nelson Phillips.

Today, his key research concerns are on how, in the era of globalization, companies can no longer develop strategies on a country-by-country basis but need to develop globally integrated strategies that leverage industry globalisation drivers.


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November 8-9th 2021, Copenhagen