Lars Tvede

World Leading Expert on Future Trends, Bestselling Author, and Serial Entrepreneur. 


What are the supertrends that will shape the next decades? How can you unveil and exploit them before the competition? Where do you get the information and insights required to assess it? 

These are some of the questions Lars asked himself, when he set out to write his first book on ‘Supertrends’. In this NEXT Stage session, the bestselling author will share the trends he identified and how you can do the same in the future. 


Lars Tvede is a world leading expert on future trends, a bestselling author, and serial entrepreneur. He started his career on the trading floor, where he worked in portfolio management and investment banking for 11 years. He then moved on to the telecommunications industry, where he fell in love with new technologies and innovation. Since then, he has been motivated and inspired by discovering emerging trends. 

Lars has authored 17 books, which have been published in more than 10 languages and in more than 60 editions. He is the co-founder of Nordic Eye, a Nordic-American venture capital fund, Beluga, a financial trading company, and many many more. Lars is also a renowned investor and currently manages his own hedge fund, Atlas Global Macro. 

The bestselling author recently set up a new company, Supertrends, focused on collecting information on past innovation, identifying what is going on right now, and collecting crowdsourced opinions on what is expected in the future. This has all been set up to facilitate Lars’ main goal: “to forecast and make available the supertrends that will shape the future.” In this keynote, Lars will share the tools and techniques that make everyone a super forecaster. 


Next Presidents Summit

November 8-9th 2021, Copenhagen