Mads Nipper

World’s #1 Expert on Sustainability & CEO of Ørsted, the World’s Most Sustainable Company


Sustainability has been on the forefront of the business agenda for the past decades. Few companies and people have welcomed this as much as the Danish renewable energy company, Ørsted, and their new CEO, Mads Nipper. Consequently, the company has been recognised as the World’s most sustainable company three years in a row. 

Join this Keynote with Mads Nipper to hear how your company can become more sustainable and how this in turn will bring superior returns for your company, customers, and yourself.   


Mads Nipper is one of the most well-renowned executives in Denmark. He has a long career spanning Lego, Grundfos, and now Ørsted, where he stepped in as CEO in January 2021. 

While there is no distinct similarities between the beloved children’s brand, the leading manufacturer of pumps, and the energy company, they all share one common goal: to make the world more sustainable one day at a time. 

Nipper’s career has also been characterised by an innate sense of purpose. At Lego, he wanted to bring the best learning and play experiences into the hands of hundreds of millions of children, while at Grundfos they focused on bringing water to the less fortunate and reducing energy consumption for water supply worldwide. At Ørsted, the mission is the largest one can imagine: to save the planet. 

He has always been driving forward the sustainability agenda in the companies he has worked at and has an unparalleled practical experience implementing sustainable initiatives. Join this Keynote to hear how you can apply Nipper’s learnings to drive your own business agenda. 


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November 8-9th 2021, Copenhagen