Morten Albæk

World Leading Business Philosopher, Bestselling Author, and Leading Marketeer.  


How do you regain meaning at work for the post-COVID world? In this keynote, Morten Albæk will share his thought on where we lost meaning, how we can gain it back, and how it leads to more impactful and happier lives.


Morten Albæk is a world leading expert on business philosophy and how to bring meaning back into our lives. 

The bestselling author is a history and philosophy major from Aalborg University, where he has since taught for more than 10 years. His career, however, started at Danske Bank, where he eventually occupied the role of SVP of Ideas, Development, and Innovation. Subsequently, he went on to Vestas, where he was the Group SVP of Global Marketing. Here, he was recognised as a Top 100 CMO by the Internationalist for five years running. 

He then turned his focus on meaningfulness and founded the world’s first advisory firm focussed on systematically measuring and consulting on the topic. At Voluntas, they advise companies on how to improve meaningfulness and consequently increase retention, productivity, and happiness. 

To share his message further, he took up writing and has authored three bestselling books, most recently ‘One Life: How we forgot to live meaningful lives’. In this keynote, Morten will share the tools and thoughts that can bring meaning into your life and organisation. 

Morten is a sought after speaker and educator, who we are thrilled to be welcoming to the NEXT Stage at Presidents Summit.


Next Presidents Summit

November 8-9th 2021, Copenhagen