Leading Through Change

More and more organizations face increasingly dynamic, uncertain and changing environments. Change is happening within several fields - business, politics and climate. What distinguishes successful leaders is the ability to cope with and navigate the changing circumstances of doing business.

This fall, we zoom in on what it means to lead through change. And to come out successful. We'll focus on two subdomains essential to leading through change: strategy and innovation.


Navigating complexity

As volatility and complexity increases, the necessity for a strong strategic foundation becomes central to the success of any organization. A successful strategy can decipher the uncertainties that lay ahead of the organization and navigate the obstacles in its way.

This year’s agenda will focus on the tools necessary to succeed in laying and successfully executing a business strategy.


Become the change

“Disrupt yourself before somebody else does” has become a mantra for most organizations. To stay ahead of the curve it is a necessity to put innovation at the heart of any organization. In the face of change, innovation means being able to understand and predict the demands of consumers today and tomorrow.

This year’s agenda focus on the elements the can enable innovation in organization.

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