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What former attendees say

"The most important thing that members can take away from conferences like this is access to other members. Meeting people, for instance, when you do your industry tables in the afternoon. Very important opportunity to interact with people who might be very helpful to you and you might be helpful to them in the future."

Zev Siegl
"If you want security you need to network - you need to know people - because everybody is eventually going to have to switch positions or jobs and then the network is going to be key. It is obvious that the organizer has thought about network - they have long breaks and short speeches - and that's a good thing! Many event organizers do the opposite."

Stefan Hyttfors
Wenderfalck PR
"I can feel all the energy in this room of people who made the time out of their incredibly busy schedules to disconnect and be present. And that is an incredible gift. To be able to speak to people who are going to stop and actually listen to you in the context is extraordinary."

Maria Eitel
Founder & Co-Chair
The Nike Foundation
"I gained new perspectives by speaking to business leaders in different countries hearing what kind of challenges they are facing. Humans are social by nature and that is why we gravitate towards events like this"

Randi Zuckerberg
Director of Market Development