• Connect with executives, share learnings and build bridges with world-renowned organizations

  • Receive guidelines, when our world-leading experts, share their expertise in a variety of business areas

  • Stay ahead of the curve, when we bring the most vital developments happening right now



  • Get tailored visibility through the more than 100 media outlets on the hunt for the next breakout story

  • Fuel your growth with 450+ international Business Angels and VC's through our matchmaking system

  • Get your business in the spotlight in front of 3000+ potential customers, partners and employees



  • Build your portfolio and meet the startups shaping the future, through our matchmaking system

  • Meet with Limited Partners to fuel your growth or the VC's that multiply your return

  • Acquire talent through our student program or the vast amount of organizations attending



  • Get a sense of where the world is heading, when the foremost thinkers fly in to share their insights on the seminar stages

  • Share experiences with all the most important stakeholders in the policy landspace

  • Build bridges with the world's largest corporations, all leaders within their space


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Network with 3000+ attendees from 50+ countries

Presidents Summit brings together decision makers and business owners from Europe and beyond. We have attendees coming from over 50 countries. For you, this means that you will be part of a global community that aspire to learn from each other and create long lasting relationships and business opportunities.

Presidents Summit - 2019 - HQ (225 of 256)

Develop your business thanks to our world-leading experts

Change before your competitors do. We select the leading experts and speakers in the world to share their knowledge with you. By getting to know their success stories and learnings, you can learn how they have done it and implement the insights in your organization the very next day.

Presidents Summit - 2019 - LQ-FB Kvalitet (116 of 256)

Gather your team to grow your company

With thousands of decision-makers and 20+ hours of curated content, squeeze even more value from the Presidents Summit by showing up together. By bringing your team, you will accelerate your team’s development and expose them to new perspectives, inspiration, ideas, and learnings, which will accelerate the growth of your company.

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Get exposed to the newest ideas

In a world of information overload, leaders rarely find time to expose themselves to the newest and most impactful ideas. The company cannot grow if the leaders don’t. Get in a room with curious minds and revolutionary leaders that can challenge your way of thinking. You’ll leave with the inspiration to take your business to the next level.


Enjoy an all-inclusive experience

Every little detail has been taken into account, so you can spend all your precious time listening to our world-leading experts, meeting new connections, and make it an experience to remember. When you enter the venue at Presidents Summit everything is included and will be provided by our warm and welcoming service staff. 


We don’t need to convince you that Presidents Summit is the most important conference of the year. However, we do know that sometimes it’s hard to make the case to those who control the budgets. To help, we have created the ultimate Convince Your Boss Document, packed with clear-cut reasons for why your organization must attend.


Next Presidents Summit

November 8-9th 2021, Copenhagen