David Allen

World’s #1 expert in personal and organizational productivity and one of the most influential thinkers on productivity.


Getting Things Done with Others



One of the world’s most influential thinkers on productivity, David’s 40 years of experience as a management consultant and executive coach have earned him the title of “personal productivity guru” by Fast Company and one of the top 5 executive coaches by Forbes Magazine.

His bestselling book, the groundbreaking ‘Getting Things Done’, has been published in thirty languages. Its methodology of staying relaxed and focused in our fast-paced world has captivated millions of people and become a global phenomenon.

When it was published in 2001, it was a game-changer. By revealing the principles of healthy high performance at an individual level, it transformed the experience of work and leisure for millions, yet the most frequently asked question remained, how to get an entire team onboard.

Twenty years later, David has built on top of that success by unlocking the principles of team productivity to improve communication, enable effective execution, and reduce stress on team members.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn the secrets of team performance from a true legend in personal and organizational productivity.

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