Milan Guenther

A purpose portfolio workshop – Exclusive sit down with Milan Guenther


Milan’s pioneering work is about design applied to the enterprise level. He is president of Intersection Group and a co-founder of Enterprise Design Associates. 12 years back, he launched a social software startup and designed a patented innovation for Boeing’s flight decks. After co-founding his consultancy, he’s worked with the likes of Google, SAP, Toyota, ThoughtWorks, OECD and the UN, and scaling startups such as Back Market and Raisin. Milan works with enterprises of all shapes and sizes to bring entrepreneurship to life: designing brands, products and organisations, operations and systems, to make enterprises actually deliver, and useful to people. His first book Intersection introduces this Enterprise Design approach, and he has been co-organising the Intersection conference series since 2014.He is co-author of the book Enterprise Design Patterns and key contributor to EDGY, an Open Source tool for co-creating better enterprises, adopted by organisations around the globe. Milan teaches design for innovation and transformation in master level and executive education programs at Télécom Paris and Sciences Po Paris. Milan is a frequent keynote speaker and workshop facilitator at international events on Enterprise Design and Architecture.



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May 31 & June 1, Copenhagen