Rasmus Bagger

World’s Leading Peak Performance Coach, who has helped and coached multiple World- and Olympic Champions, as well as executives of large international companies.


The Olympic Boardroom – Ignited by the Olympic Flame



In today’s world, leaders face unprecedented challenges, making leadership development more crucial than ever. At the kick-off session of the Next Stage, Rasmus Bagger, a renowned Danish Performance Coach, will equip leaders with the necessary tools to evaluate their current leadership skills, identify areas for improvement, and unlock their true leadership potential. This session aims to guide participants through a transformative journey to enhance their leadership capabilities.

Rasmus Bagger has established himself as a prominent figure in leadership and performance coaching, drawing on his early interests in sports and psychology. His career is marked by his work with a diverse array of clients, including athletes, executives, and entrepreneurs, helping them to achieve their goals by overcoming limitations. Rasmus’s coaching methodology integrates the latest research with practical strategies tailored to each individual, focusing on mindset, resilience, and mental toughness to drive success.

As a thought leader and one of Europe’s highest-paid coaches, Rasmus is not just selling his time but the impactful results he generates with his clients. Returning for the fifth consecutive year as the Presidents Summit’s house coach and most popular speaker, he continues to inspire and transform leaders. In his keynote, Rasmus will share insights on the profound impact of emotions on our success, offering strategies to harness them effectively in pursuit of professional and personal growth.

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Next Presidents Summit

May 31 & June 1, Copenhagen