Thomas Erikson

World-Renowned Leadership Expert. Author of Bestselling Series “Surrounded by Idiots”, Sold 10M+ Copies Worldwide and Translated into 42 Languages. Top 10 Most Read Book in the World.


Surrounded by Idiots: How to Deal with Everyone



Thomas Erikson stands as the visionary behind a groundbreaking model that simplifies human behavior into four vivid color types: red, yellow, green, and blue. His innovative approach has crafted a universal language, enabling individuals worldwide to grasp the intricacies of human values with unparalleled clarity.

As the author of the bestselling “Surrounded by” series, Thomas Erikson has redefined the discourse on human behavior, selling over 10 million copies globally and translated into 60 languages. His work serves as a guiding light through the labyrinth of human relationships, offering wisdom and precision to millions.

For over two decades, Thomas Erikson has been a leading figure in behavioral coaching, advising leaders at global companies like IKEA, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and Volvo. His profound insights and pragmatic approach empower leaders to navigate the modern world with confidence and clarity, fostering environments of understanding and cooperation.

Thomas Erikson captivates audiences with his blend of knowledge, charisma, and wit. His engaging presentations unveil the intricacies of human behavior, inspiring individuals to embrace understanding and empathy. From intimate gatherings to global conferences, Thomas ignites a passion for self-discovery and connection in all who hear him speak.

Join Thomas Erikson on a transformative journey into the heart of human dynamics, where colors become symbols of understanding, and communication becomes a conduit for connection.


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