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Technology is moving at an extraordinary rate. But at the leading edge of innovation, designers are working in concert with it, as partners, to augment our intelligence and capabilities. As technology becomes cheaper, more powerful, and more widely available, we now witness a democratizing force that’s letting us tackle the most challenging design problems on the planet.

Tom Wujec is a technology pioneer, TED speaker, entrepreneur, writer, and facilitator who helps people solve complex problems and create wickedly great outcomes. Wujec is a Fellow at Autodesk Incorporated, a company that manufactures software for engineers, designers and filmmakers. Here, he has helped produce software such as PortfolioWall, Maya and Sketchbook Pro. Maya is probably the most well-known of these three, as it has won an Academy Award for its contribution to graphics and computer-generated imagery in the film industry.

Tom is also the founder of The Wujec Group, a boutique consultancy that helps organizations create a positive impact on business and society. Join Wujec and learn about the emerging field of business visualization. His keynotes do well to explain what this field is all about. Essentially, business visualization uses sketches, infographics and other imagery to help teams conceptualize and find solutions to complex problems.

Reserve your free seat for this Masterclass with Tom Wujec on the 16th of February, where you among many things will learn…

1) Understand what the future of making things looks like
2) Learn how to build a stronger team
3) How technologies will augment human capabilities

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Wed, Feb 16, 2022 · 5:00 PM CET 

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