Wendy Suzuki

World’s #1 Expert on How to Harness the Power of Your Brain for a Happier Life & New York University Professor of Neuroscience


Few things are as influential on our lives as the state of our brain. However, keeping it sharp and in top shape is a often neglected by even the most successful people. When Wendy approached her 40th birthday, she realised this, changed her habits, and saw remarkable improvements. 

In this Keynote, Dr. Wendy Suzuki unpacks the cutting-edge science that will help you optimise your lifestyle to improve your memory, your ability to learn new skills, and function more efficiently. She will show you the undisputed connection between the healthy brain and the happy life.


Wendy Suzuki is a world leading expert on how to optimise your life for a happy, healthy, productive brain. She studies this as a researcher and professor of Neural Science and Psychology in the Center for Neural Science at New York University. Her major research interest continues to focus on how you can influence your brain to form and retain new long-term memories better.

More recently her work has focused on understanding how exercise can be used to improve learning, memory, and higher cognitive abilities in humans. Wendy has enjoyed much recognition for her work, both academically and more broadly. For instance, her most recent TED-talk from 2018 on how exercise influences the brain has been viewed more than 13 million times.



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May 17-18th 2022, Copenhagen