Oliver Richter

CEO of Xounts


Oliver Richter will show you the extraordinary Go2Market strategy he developed to compete with the biggest companies in the consumer electronic market worldwide. He has raised Ambassador Marketing to a whole new level and gained some major learnings while building a successful start-up. In this session, he will share his secrets with you – be sure not to miss it!


Oliver Richter is the CEO and co-founder of Xounts, the German producer of ultra high-quality sound systems. He believes that everyone should have the right to own his private haute couture music solution at home – no matter if it is the high-end segment or the mainstream market. The music DNA was literally put into his cradle as he grew up as the grandson of another loudspeaker pioneer. As a CEO, his key mission was to develop innovative creative solutions for every music lover. With Xounts, he has achieved that by creating an exceptional speaker offering a sustainable product packaged in exclusive designs to compete with the giants of the consumer
electronic market. This path became a mission close to his heart.


Next Presidents Summit

May 16-17th 2022, Copenhagen